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About Playhouse Planner

The Mission

The process of designing and building a playhouse can be as much fun as enjoying the final product.  It is our goal to provide easy to follow plans that will save you time and money resulting in a playhouse you can be proud of.  All of the plans are professionally designed paying close attention to safety, usability and aesthetics. 

The Story

Holly Gomez, a mom with a background in architecture, has always had a passion for designing tiny spaces that encourage self-expression and creative play.  As a child she spent summers building forts and play spaces in the woods near her house.  She would sketch out plans, then rush outside to play.  It only made sense that as an adult she would design grown-up buildings, so that's the path she took.  Holly graduated in 2003 with a Bachelors in Architecture from Mississippi State University and has been designing large scale buildings ever since.  In 2011 she founded A Place Imagined, LLC and began designing children's play spaces.  By 2016 it was clear that the playhouse plans portion of the business needed a dedicated place of its own.  The Playhouse Planner was created and will continue to grow as a resource for anyone considering building a playhouse.

"As I have transitioned into the mother part of my life, I now see my work in a new light...through a child's eyes.  I have found myself sketching play spaces again, and daydreaming about spaces that set the imagination free."

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